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Angel Heart provides a Live in Service whereby a specially trained carer will reside in your home and carry out your daily care requirements. Having a carer living with you may seem a daunting process but it has many plus points. A full assessment will be carried out before selecting two carers who will work on a rotation basis, usually fortnightly. 
Having a Live in Carer means 
You maintain your independence 
You are still in control of how you would like to live your life 
Having someone there, allows you flexibility, choice and more variety in activities you would like to do 
Having company can be soothing and promote well being 
You remain in your own home 
Not having to move out to a new place to live 
Personal Care Service 
Continuity of Care kept at a high standard 
A small number of carers coming to your home 
Is available on short term as well as long term at short notice. 
Have security knowing someone is there to tend to all your care needs throughout day and night. 
If you require night support throughout the night, Angel Heart  
provides a 24-hour care service. 
To discuss this further please contact us on 07950 824714 


If you would like to know more about our Social and Specialised Care Service please contact us on 01276804421 or 01276804636. 
Angel Heart currently provides specialized home care services in; 
Stroke Care 
Multiple Sclerosis 
Motor Neurone Disease 
Cerebral Palsy 
Spinal Injury 
Amputee Care 
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