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Having to deal with a life threatening illness you or a loved one, can be a very upsetting time. But Angel Heart can provide a service tailored around you to suit all your preferences. Angel Heart listens and recognises that each day may vary depending on how you are feeling. Our service is very flexible and designed to support you. Your independence, dignity, wishes and choices will always be respected. Angel Heart supports any individual over 18. The service can be started at anytime. The carer will be carefully hand picked and specially trained to ensure that high standards are maintained and your needs are met fully. Angel Heart recognises that family and those involved also need support and may require a break throughout. 
Angel Heart does not currently provide any services for children, but we can provide support for adults that are looking after a sick child. 
It can be a very harrowing difficult time, and normal routine goes out the window, you may feel you have no motivation to do anything, but just be strong for your child. You may require help at home, housework or running errands for example. Angel Heart can step in, while you spend quality time with your little one.  
There are various charities and organisations that do support, but if there are any gaps that need filling, Angel Heart can provide services to offer support.  
Personal Care 
Angel Heart will support you with usual daily activities such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication prompt and continence care. Angel Heart recognises that it may be on some days you rather just be comfortable. 
Complex Care 
If you require complex care requirements, please contact us to discuss this. 
Social Companionship / 24 Hour Care 
Angel Heart can provide a care worker to come and sit with you, whether it is for a short period or over night, to ensure you are comfortable. 
Partnership Care 
If you are being supported by certain charities or social services, Angel Heart can work along side them, maybe fill in the gaps to ensure your care needs are being addressed continuously. 
Rapid Response Care 
Angel Heart recognises that you may need emergency assistance at short notice, we are here to support you and start a care package immediately. 
Angel Heart will support all the way through assisting with hospital visits, shopping, personal care or medication assistance and someone there to be a companion. 
If this is something you would like to discuss further please contact us on 07950 824714. 


If you would like to know more about our Social and Specialised Care Service please contact us on 07950 824714 
Angel Heart currently provides specialized home care services in; 
Stroke Care 
Multiple Sclerosis 
Motor Neurone Disease 
Cerebral Palsy 
Spinal Injury 
Amputee Care 
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