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Available Funding 
Funding care support can be unclear and confusing, before you consider care services, you should know what funding services or benefits are available to you. 
You can go through your doctor, who will refer you to your local authority or you can contact your local authority directly. The local authority will arrange to visit to your home and discuss your options, they will carry out a free care assessment. The assessment will be based on a community care assessment and a means-tested financial assessment. This will determine how much funding you are eligible to get. However if your savings exceed £22,500, they will be unable to assist you. However, once you do reach this threshold, Social Services will be happy to proceed with the application. 
Direct Payments 
If you do receive funding from the Government, you can split how you are paid via Direct Payments. Direct payments allow the Customer full autonomy and flexibility of which Care Provider they would like to come out and carry out the service. If the Customer gives their local authority full autonomy with their funding the local authority’s preferred Home Care Provider is also chosen. 
Care Fee Payment Plans 
The Customer can check any existing policies they have with a insurance provider and see if it covers nursing or home care costs. The customer can contact their insurance provider or independent financial advisor and see if there entitled to or plan for future elderly care for immediate care needs.. 
Independent Living Funds 
This is funds set up by central government and are there to provide support for disabled people living in the community and not in a residential setting. 
Disability Living Allowance 
This is funds for children and adults under the age of 65 years old who needs help with mobility, personal care, mental and physical disability. The Benefit Enquiry Line is 0800882200 
Private Funding 
Your care services will be privately funded, whether it be because you are not eligible for public funding or that you just prefer to fund your care services privately 

Legal Support 

Community Legal Service (CLS) is a network of Legal Service Comission (LSC) funded organisations and advice providers that provide funding and promote civil legal aid services. The civil law engages disputes with individuals and organisations. 
For free, confidential and independent legal advice please visit the Directgov website. 
Mind is a mental health charity. Mind provides two confidential mental health information services. 
Contact Mind’s Legal Advice Service on 0300 466 6463 
Mind info line on 0300 123 3393 
Limbcare is also a registered charity that offer a support line on 0800 052 1174 for amputees and the limb impaired. 
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